After Discover BARRE and Discover FLOW, it's time to Discover HIIT and those running the show...

Here are 5 quick fire questions with Emily:

1. Post-HIIT refuel of choice? 

I've become addicted to the taste of the Sponser Multi Protein powder; it tastes like vanilla ice cream! Without it I turn into a snarling witch by the end of the day!

2. Fav track to HIIT to? 

I love modern remixes of 90s tracks a bit of remixed 70s disco, like this one.


3. First thing you did this morning?   

Got ready for work and caught the 5:41 train to Lausanne. I wish I could say that I did yoga, meditation, ate a green smoothie and made a wholesome breakfast for my children but when you leave the house as earlier as I do, I've only got time for the bare essentials! Shower, porridge, brush teeth, let's go.

4. Deadliest HIIT exercise? 

The deadlier the better! ;) I like tuck jumps, wide jumping mountain climbers, but my favourite is pushups! 

5. What motivates you the most? 

As an instructor, I love to see people enjoying working out; when I see that they are pushing themselves outside their comfort zones and seeing their satisfaction after having accomplished their goals. Personally, I'm motivated by the positive people around me who encourage and support me to achieve my goals in going as far as I can in the sports industry.

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