After Discover BARRE and Discover FLOW, it's time to Discover HIIT and those running the show...

Here are 5 quick fire questions with Victoria:

1. Post-HIIT refuel of choice? 

Depends on the time of the day, but I love a good protein smoothie with a mix of plant-based protein powder, fruit and a spoonful of nut butter.

2. Fav track to HIIT to? 

Huge fan of grime when doing HIIT, it just gets me going.

3. First thing you did this morning?   

My morning routine is pretty sacred to me. I always take an hour to do yoga, meditation, visualization, affirmations, journaling and reading. That followed by a big green veggie smoothie and I'm ready to slay the day.

4. Deadliest HIIT exercise? 

Probably a tuck-jump burpee, so deadly but so good.

5. What motivates you the most? 

In general, probably the development of ones self-efficacy. The notion that we have the power over the outcome of our lives. As an instructor, I love seeing the moment where my clients realize "damn I wasn't strong enough to do that a few weeks ago and now I am..." - we can achieve anything we put our mind to! When that type of mentally carries through to all aspects of our lives, we're unstoppable. 

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