Take as many classes as you can in October and get rewarded!

We know you like a good challenge. And at BEAT, every season is a good excuse for a new challenge.

This October get your AUTUMN BOOSTER

From 1 to 31.10.2022, every member of our community is automatically enrolled in this AUTUMN challenge by simply taking classes at the studio.

Boost your mood and your immune system by taking as many classes as you can in October.

The more classes you take, the more rewards you get !


6 to 10 classes = 1 free credit valid 1 week
11 to 15 classes = 1 free credits valid 1 week
16 + classes = 1 free credits valid 1 week

The rewards add up so if you do 16+ classes you’ll get 3 free credits.
Our advice: use them to complete your Autumn BOOSTER and go even further in your challenge!


  • SET your goals : How many classes can you take in a week ?
  • PLAN : Book your slots in advance for the next two weeks based on your goals and put them in your calendar.
  • COMMIT : See your workouts as a date with yourself. An appointment you don’t want to miss !
  • SHOW UP : NO excuse. If you sign in to a class you need to attend !
  • ENJOY : Be proud and grateful ! After all, you’re just offering yourself some « me time » with your awesome community.


You can buy your 10-pack BOOST until Monday 03.10 at midnight.

The BOOST pack is valid 1 month from date of purchase and will help you meet your goals for the AUTUMN BOOSTER

10-pack BOOST

CHF 279
CHF 28.- / Class
Valid 31 days from date of purchase


Every class taken in October will be automatically counted in the challenge so let’s go!



Distribution of the reward credits

  • Every milestone is rewarded as follows:

Every milestone is rewarded as follows:
- 1 free class (valid 7 days) when 6 classes are achieved
-  + 1 free class  (valid 7 days) when 11 classes are achieved
-  +  1 free classes (valid 7 days) when 16 classes are achieved

  • The client will be notified by email every time they reached a a milestine (6-11-20 classes taken) within 24 hours.
  • The BOOSTER reward credits will be automatically added on the account within 24 hours

Validity / usage: 

  • The 10-Pack BOOST is valid 1 month from the date of purchase
  • The 10-Pack BOOST can be purchased until Monday 03.10.2022 23:59
  • The 10-Pack BOOST cannot be extended, refunded or transferred
  • The free AUTUMN BOOSTER REWARD credit is valid 7 days from the date of reward.
  • The reward credits will not be extended or refunded and will be lost if not used within the validity period
  • Credit expiry date can be found in the customer’s account, under “my credit” tab, int the “expire” column
  • The reward credits cannot be shared or transferred

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