The World Cup has arrived at BEAT!

Play your chances to win free credits by betting on your favourite teams. 

With every bet, place CHF 5.- in our Charity Box which will be donated to Homeless World Cup Foundation Switzerland. If you win, you get a free credit coupon. If you lose, you've still donated to a great charity helping socially disadvantaged people reintegrate into Swiss society through football! 

  • When you come in to take your class, fill out a Game Slip and place your bet on a team playing that same day 
  • Hand your slip in to reception and place CHF 5.- into our Charity Box for the Homeless World Cup Foundation
  • If the team you bet for wins: you win 1 free credit!
  • If it doesn't, you've still donated CHF 5.- to an amazing charity
  • Our World Cup at BEAT Fitness begins Monday the 18th of June and ends with the final game on the 15th of July 
  • You can place your Game Slips in for any game happening that day
  • You can win a FREE credit every time you win your bet on a team! 
  • Even if you don't win, your CHF 5.- is still going to support Homeless World Cup Switzerland: a charity that helps reintegrate socially disadvantaged people into Swiss society by allowing them to participate in the Swiss street football league 
  • A bet can only be placed on teams playing that same day, that have not yet begun the game at the time where the slip is handed in 
  • In order to participate, CHF 5.- must placed in our Charity Box, where all proceeds will be donated to the Homeless World Cup Foundation 
  • You can enter as many Game Slips as you want (CHF 5.- must still be donated with every individual slip) 
  • Make sure you keep your slip safe, so that if you win, you can bring it back and show it to reception
  • You have 7 days to show your winning Game Slip to reception in order to trade it in for a FREE credit 
  • FREE credits must be used before the 1st of August

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