BEATHOME unlimited

The same workouts you love, in the safety of your home

Our doors may be shut, but we keep moving. 

Our mission: to make healthy living a habit, is as important now as ever. That is why we're comitted to offering you new ways to workout from home.

With BEATHOME Unlimited, enjoy live classes on Zoom as well as on-demand videos created by your favorite instructors. You can sign up for the live classes directly via our Book page or find your favorite exercises on your On Demand platform.

You can also acces live classes only using BEATHOME credits

How do I access BEATHOME On Demand Videos
  1. Purchase BEATHOME  unlimited (59.- / month)
  2. Go to your account, click on the On Demand tab (next to "my credits"
  3. Chose the workout you want to do
How do I join a BEATHOME Live Class ?
  1. Purchase a BEATHOME credit (CHF 15.-) or sign up to BEATHOME  unlimited (59.- / month)
  2. Find the schedule on our booking page and book your spot
  3. 30 to 15 minutes before the class you will receive a ZOOM link by email 


CHF 15.-
1 BEATHOME Live Class
Valid 1 month


CHF 59.- / month

BEATHOME Live Classes
+ On Demand Platform


  • Book into a BEATHOME Live classes up to 30 minutes before the class via our website to get the link.
  • BEATHOME class credits are non-refundable and non-reimbursable 
  • You can use your regular credits to attend a BEATHOME live Class - send us an email and we will unfreeze your credits !
  • BEATHOME Live classes will be listed every Monday at 12:00 for the following week. You can book a class online up to 30 minutes before a class starts.
  • If you're signed up to BEATHOME On Demand, you have unlimited access to all BEATHOME Live classes. You just need to book your spot as usual to get the link for the ZOOM class.

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