Never miss a RIDE: rent a bike from the studio

Bike rental is here. You asked, we listened. With our newest addition to our BEATHOME Unlimited pack you never have to miss a RIDE.  

Come collect your bike from the studio within our pick-up times, and tap-back from home. 

You'll find new RIDE classes popping up on our On Demand Platform to keep you double-timing from home. 

We only have a few bikes left to rent out, so book yours quick by sending us an email here :

  1. Make sure  you have read all the conditions and FAQ
  2. Make sure to have a credit card on file
  3. Send us an email to confirm the bike rental and authorize us to start your BEATHOME membership at 199.-/month
  4. Once your purchase is made we will contact you regarding pick-up times
  5. Pick up your bike and join our RIDE classes on BEATHOME On Demand


199.- / month

+ Platforme On Demand


Terms and conditions : 

  • Discounts do not apply
  • Limited number of bikes. First come first serve basis.
  • Reoccuring monthly payments by credit card only
  • Subscription can be cancelled at any time however every month started is due in full and the bikes must be returned to the studio maximum 24 hours after the expiration date of the contract
  • We reserve the right to call back the bikes at any time and should we do this, reimbursement will be pro rata
  • Bike pick-up must be done by the customer during a provided pick-up window with a cash deposit of CHF100.-
  • The customer is responsible for any damages to the bike 
  • Series cannot be shared

Q: What can I find on the BEATHOME On Demand platform?
A: A compilation of Barre, Boxe, HIIT & Yoga workouts ranging from 10 to 60 minutes as well as BEATHOME Special classes led by your favourite BEAT instructors. 

Q: What if I already have a BEATHOME Unlimited pack?
A: No worries. Save your bike by purchasing the Unlimited +RIDE Pack above as we will do the necessary ajustments to reimbuse your previous Unlimited pack

Q: Can I borrow RIDE shoes as well?
A: Of course! We can lend you RIDE shoes when you come to pick-up the bike but we advise you buy your own shoes as our stock is very limited

Q: How do I subscribe to BEATHOME On Demand?
A: Once you've purchased the pack above, you're officially subscribed! Payments will occure automatically every month however you can cancel at any time under "Account", "My Credits"

Q: Where can I access BEATHOME On Demand?
A: Once you've purchased your BEATHOME Unlimited Pack you will find the On Demand platform by clicking on "Account" and you'll find "On Demand" next to "My Credits"

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