Bring a buddy and sweat for free

We get it...it's gotten cold, windy and miserable really quick.

But it seems that the new season is here to stay for a little while, so we're here to help you get over it and back into a good routine. 

For this week only; drag your buddy along and you workout for free! 

  • Bring your buddy along for a class and you workout for free
  • It's cold outside but we promise it's hot and sweaty in the studio, and with your buddy right beside you, it's all the more fun. 
  • Book 2 spots at any class this week and bring your buddy along
  • Tell the front desk you've brought along a friend when you check-in and they'll add a credit back to your account


  • Both spots must be booked in through one account
  • Both the account holder and their buddy must show up to the class 
  • 1 free credit will be added to account that booked the class
  • The free credit is valid 1 month
  • Buddy Week is only this week (finishes 07.10.18)
  • Q: How do I sign up my buddy?
  • A: Simply book 2 spots using your credit
  • Q: Does it have to be someone new to BEAT?
  • A: No, it can be anyone! 
  • Q: How do I get my free credit?
  • A: Once you and your buddy check-in for your class, we will add a free credit (valid 1 month) onto your account

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