Keeping our community safe as we come #backstronger

The wait is finally over, we can't wait to welcome you #backstronger in the studio as of the 6th of June. 

In order to allow our community to come back together in the safest way possible we are introducing the following protection plan procedures. Please read through them before coming back for a class on the 6th of June. 

  • Hand sanitizer is available in the studio and everyone is encouraged to use some when entering the studio, before and after classes
  • Cleanliness and hygiene has always been a top priority for us, however we have introduced even more rigourous deep cleaning procedures for all surfaces and equipment in the studio
  • Customers and are encouraged to bring their own spinning shoes if they have
  • We have serviced our high-quality ventilation system to make sure the air in the studio is as fresh as possible
  • Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before the start of the class
  • Please do not leave shoes, coats or jackets at reception, but put everything in your locker
  • Please stay in your assigned spot for the class
In Studio 
  • There will be no high-fives after class, but our big smiles after class will say it all 
  • If you'd like to chat with other customers after class, please do so outside to clear studio space 
Community Respect
  • Please remember to respect social distancing when possible in the studio
  • If you're showing syptoms, please stay home and send an email to:
  • If you test positive after taking a class at the studio, please contact as soon as possible
  • If you're part of a high risk group, please stay home for the time being and enjoy our online #BEATHOME classes
  • In order for us to facilitate tracability, please make sure you update your customer information here and include your phone number before coming back to take a class at the studio

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make the reopening of the studio as smooth, safe and comfortable as possible. We cannot wait to welcome you back and let the BEAT move us all once again. 


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