Have you ever told yourself you probably should do some yoga but concerned about not being flexible enough? Worried about not understanding, falling over or doing it wrong? 

It is often thought that one must be very felxible or able to stand on their head to do yoga, when in fact that is not the case. The yoga we do at BEAT is an energizing and dynamic Vinayasa FLOW meaning there's a lot more FLOWing to the beat than holding the splits or handstand.

We have therefore put together an Intro to FLOW Workshop perfect for:

  • New commers to FLOW
  • FLOW regulars who want a more step-by-step breakdown
  • Avid RIDErs who need a goos stretch
  • Those who aren't sure if FLOW is for them 

During this workshop Victoria will be covering:

  • Appropriate modifications
  • Proper technique
  • Steps of a Sun Salutation
  • Base postures
  • How to focus on engaging the core 

The class will be a normal 45-minute class with a modified structure to give space and time for in depth explinations and guidance. 


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