Un Cafe SVP!

Spilling the beans of coffee

You crave it when you wake up, you can smell its floral earthy aroma from down the road, it makes you feel cozy and warm and it completes an afternoon catch up with friends…yep we’re talking about COFFEE of course!

Many of you may have come across headline news on the health benefits or the side effects of coffee - this blog post aims to list the top 4 reasons I drink coffee (nutritionist approved!) and how to keep it healthy to reap all the benefits and avoid the cons!

This dark, warm, liquid elixir...

1. Makes you smarter!
The caffeine in coffee helps activate parts of the brain that help boost memory and concentration. So before that meeting or that interview, it’s wise to opt for a coffee and get your brain activity soaring!

2. Adds on nutrients & antioxidants
Coffee is one of the richest source of antioxidants even more than cocoa and green tea. Antioxidants fight inflammation, which can cause diseases like arthritis, atherosclerosis and many types of cancer. They help keep us healthy by protecting our cells from damage.

3. Improves exercise performance
The effects of caffeine on your workout will make you choose this drink before every class! The caffeine in coffee enhances performance and endurance. It also strengthens muscle contraction, reduces the perception of pain, and increases fatty acids in the blood (through better metabolism) which helps you exercise at your peak energy! There’s a reason we called our new coffee based smoothie the “Kick Ass”! 

4. Makes you HAPPY!
Caffeine in coffee helps release happy hormones such as endorphins and dopamine which help elevate your mood. On the long term, it’s been seen that coffee drinkers have lower risk of depression. Is that a smile I see on your face? ;)

With all these awesome benefits, it doesn’t mean more is better. When drunk in excess, coffee (usually the caffeine) can cause nervousness or anxiety, and it can also impact sleep quality and cause insomnia.

So how much coffee is healthy?

You can reap all the benefits with moderate coffee intake- around 500mg of caffeine a day- or 4 cups /day. As a reference, 1 cup (250ml) of freshly brewed coffee can contain between 80-200mg. Try to skip the coffee drinks that are packed with sugar and order a basic black coffee. And for a creamer, switch to plain whole milk or unsweetened soy or nut milk.

Now who is reaching out for that “Kick Ass” smoothie & bathing in the kick of the caffeine pre-HIIT class?


Zeina is a nutritionist who loves to create and share easy, super-nourishing, mostly plant-based recipes. Zenia is a regular at BEAT Fitness and you can follow Zeina's insta feed for inspiration @upcloseandhealthy 

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