We're very excited to introduce to you Ilaria, our newest graduate from the BEAT Academy! 

With a background in ballet, a love for yoga and challenges from Cross-Fit to Spartan Races, she loves movement in any and every form. 

In order to get to know her a little better, we asked her 5 quick-fire questions: 

1. What's your go-to pre-workout snack?

If the workout is in the afternoon or evening, I normally have a yoghurt with some almonds a couple of hours before, if it’s in the morning I’ll fast. I cannot workout with even a coffee in my stomach!

2. What's your current favourite track to sweat to?

Difficult question, as I love music! If I need energy and motivation I’ll go surely to the 90s dance music, like “Sandstorm” from Darude.

3. What's your favourite exercise?

I love a good core burn, not just with abs work but also high planks and elbow planks. And arm balances in yoga. They are fun!

4. What's your least favourite exercise?

That’s easy:  burpees! They are absolutely awful.

5. Top tips to keep your energy levels high? 

Nothing recharges my batteries more than sun. A nice walk in the sun with music on sometimes is everything I need. 


Give her a warm welcome to the BEAT Fitness family at BARRE classes on Saturday mornings.


SAT @ 9:15

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