We're very excited to introduce to you Katy, our newest graduate from the BEAT Academy! 

With a background in ballet, New Zealand-native Katy discovered Barre as the perfect combination of a challenging workout whilst focusing on alignment and form.

In order to get to know her a little better, we asked her 5 quick-fire questions: 

1. What's your go-to pre-workout snack?

Usually a banana or a piece of toast at least an hour before class. 

2. What's your current favourite track to sweat to?

That’s a tough one as I like to change it up. But if I need some cardio motivation my fall back is always ‘Pump up the jam’ - an oldie but a goodie.  

3. What's your favourite exercise?

I love the burn from pliés and all of those pulses, but planks and any arm sequences that gets the deltoids on fire are up there too! And when I’m not at the barre I love reformer Pilates and TRX. 


4. What's your least favourite exercise?

Haha probably mountain climbers!

5. Top tips to keep your energy levels high? 

Large glass of water and a walk in the sunshine. Also love a good coffee, failing that, chocolate always helps!

Give her a warm welcome to the BEAT Fitness family at her first BARRE class this Wednesday evening.


WED 01.05 @ 19:00

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