Have you tried our latest product?

Have you tried our newest class, SCULPT?

In March we included SCULPT as part of our BEAT Lab. You loved it so much that is now part of our permanent schedule. 

What is SCULPT?

SCULPT is an energizing combination of cardio, interval-training & yoga to strengthen and sculpt your whole body and heart.

How is SCULPT different from our other classes?

It's a hybrid class which built with a specific yoga sequence as a base. The instructor then carefully adds a combination of body weight exercises, cardio and resistance exercises to make you sweat it out, feel the burn and open up the body. 

What to bring and wear to SCULPT?

Come to a SCULPT wearing activewear and bring a water bottle. No socks or shoes needed. 

We can't wait to see you in a SCULPT class soon!


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