New YOGA FLOW instructor

We are excited to introduce Tracy, one of our new YOGA FLOW instructor on the BEAT Fitness team.

Come take a free class on us, simply click on the class below and you'll be signed into the class!

YOGA FLOW with Tracey THU 17.2 @12:30

YOGA FLOW with Tracey THU 24.2 @12:30*

*bookable from 14.2

While waiting to meet her in real life, discover her through some of these questions:

- What does the word "Fitness" mean to you?
Fitness means figuring out what feels good in your body, not just what makes the outside look good but how to move and flow so you glow.  

- What's your favorite time to workout?
My favorite time to work out depends on what type of workout. Mostly I like mid day workouts or if it has to do with sound healing at night.

- What's your favorite and least favorite workout?

My absolute favorite is Aerial Yoga. I feel like I can suspend my worries and defy gravity. I also do have a least favorite workout. It is running. I'am as slow as a snail !

- What's your favorite song to workout?
I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago so I have that island vibe flowing through my veins so, I love soca and reggae music. Plus artists with healthy positive spirits like Lizzy Jeff and Londrelle.  

-What's your best advice for someone who wants to start YOGA FLOW?
Find something you want as a gift and bribe yourself with it. Make a bet with a friend that you will go to yoga 10 times in a month or you will pay them $100. This is all accountability. For real though, find something that will drive you to make the first step just to get to one class. Know that you will feel a little awkward. We all have been there when we try something new; like me learning a new language. However you just need to start. Your body will take time to learn the poses and know that is ok; meet yourself where you are today. Be grateful you have the resources to go to class, learn and build a community. We have all been beginners and trying yoga flow will help ease your mind and give you a sense of belonging. 

- What's your favorite quote ?
“In gratitude dream, ask, believe and know it is yours” by my mom Hilary Gittens 

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