And build a stronger routine

We always say that consistency is key and we believe it is true. 

But it does not mean you can’t try something new ! There are a lot of benefit in adding a new type of workout or in twisting up your routine a bit. For instance it can help prevent workout boredom and get excited gain, it can help build new muscles and prevent overuse injuries. It is also good for your brain health to lean new patterns and new skills and who knows you might even meet new awesome people !

We offer you themed classes and begginers classes. Dont get us wrong, you will have a proper, sweaty workout and you will learn at the same time !

YOGA : BASICS with Shanon - Every Wednesday 17:45

This class is for you if you are new to Yoga or if you tried a YOGA FLOW already but felt you might need stronger foundations. Shanon will guide you through some yoga basics and will help you find your flow

BOXE : Boxing techniques with Heimad - Every Monday : 18:30

You were hesitating to try BOXE classes? Heimad offers you a Boxing Techniques class that allows you to better understand and improve your punching technique every Monday night.

RIDE : BASICS With Lucile - Thursday 17.06 - 12:30 (more to come)

You’ve heard about it but never dared to try ? Or you did try but felt a bit lost ? Lucile is offering you a RIDE basics class so you learn everything you need to know to properly and safely enjoy any of our RIDE class 

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