With Coralie and Heimad

Join YOGA instructor Coralie and BOXE instructor Heimad as they lead you through a workshop combining two of our complimentary classes.

Our YOGABOXE workshop will recharge your mind and energise your body by combining yoga and boxing benefits: expect a full-body workout that focuses on balance, coordination and breathing to develop strength, motivation and cardio.

Who: Coralie, Heimad
When: Saturday 4.12.2021 10:30-12:30 & Sunday 19.12.2021 10:30-12:30
Where: BEAT Fitness 
How to book: Book your place with the special tickets below and reserve your spot on the timetable

You can book a single ticket or a duo pack if you want to try another workshop like YOGABOXE too. Or if you wish to attend the workshop with a friend, the DUO pack can be shared. Choose below:

1 person


CHF 45-
1 workshop
Valid for 30 days
& workshops only
Activated upon booking



CHF 70.-
2 Workshop tickets
Valid for 30 days
& workshops only
Activated upon booking


  • Can be combined with our BLACK FRIDAY promotion until Friday 26th November 2021 23:59 
  • The single ticket is valid for one workshop and 1 person
  • The DUO pack is valid for either
    • 1 person and 2 workshops
    • Or 2 people for 1 workshop
  • To book into the workshop with a friend, buy the DUO pack above and just book 2 spots in the workshop
  • Non transferable 
  • The credit won't be refunded if you miss the workshop
  • The credit will be refunded if you don't get a slot in the workshop
  • Limited to 14 spots
  • The COVID pass is mandatory to attend the workshop

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