Super active in sports as in other facets of his personality, Audrik has been practicing combat sports for more than 10 years. After starting with Full contact, he turned to Muay Thaï, Kick-boxing, then English boxing, with several intensive trainings in Asia.

Guided by his passion and curiosity for health and movement sciences, combat sports were a physical and mental revelation for him. Also a practitioner of Crossfit and Yoga, he developed a multidisciplinary and transversal sports approach to the body, movement, mind, health and performance. 

Today, Audrik is a certified Personal Trainer and Sports Coach. He coaches small groups, individuals and sportsmen in the achievement of their health, sports or competitive goals. He has been teaching combat sports for several years, for health, competition and personal development.

With rigor, passion and dynamism, Audrik will lead you to know and push back your limits, because according to him "the only limits are the ones we set ourselves", he will tell you with a smile. 

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