Rebecca or Bex is a qualified Personal Trainer, originally from Cornwall, UK.

She spent most of her Childhood in Montreal, Canada (where she picked up some French skills) and over 10 years in London, UK before recently moving to Lausanne last year.

You will often find her in the mountains, travelling, lifting weights or running - the things that she loves most in life.

A few years ago she decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer as exercise has such a positive effect on her life, both physically and mentally, and she wanted to help others to benefit from exercise like she does. She love the endorphins that it brings and believe that it is a great way to challenge ourselves, have fun, sweat and get healthier in the process.

Her exercise mantra is:  work hard, enjoy the process, lift heavy and feel happy. 

Rebecca is an EQF level 4 Personal Trainer, group fitness and indoor cycling instructor and is joining the HIIT and RIDE team

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