We are seeking passionate, positive, energetic individuals who will motivate our community to make healthy living a habit.

If you are passionate about the latest fitness, lifestyle and music trends and believe that being healthy is essential to happiness, then we want to hear from you.

Apply below for the following open positions:



    At BEAT every class is unique.

    You will lead our community through a physical and emotional journey each and every class.

    As a BEAT instructor you will be responsible for creating individual playlists and corresponding workouts each week.

    We are seeking instructors for our RIDE, HIIT, YOGA, BOXE and BARRE classes.

    If you are a certified fitness professional and you are passionate about the latest fitness, lifestyle and music trends 

    and believe that being healthy is essential to happiness, 

    then we want to hear from you.



    RIDE is our high-intensity, low-impact spinning class that strengthens and tones, burns calories and reignites your mind. You are already a group fitness trainer and you have a passion for music and fitness as well as a charismatic personality that motivates others.


    HIIT is our full-body High Intensity Interval Training workout that combines explosive cardio, body weight and functional training moves to improve strength, agility and speed. You are a qualified group fitness instructor who knows how to help individuals exceed their own expectations within a collaborative team environment.


    YOGA Flow is our energizing and dynamic Vinyasa flow yoga class that increases flexibility, strength and mobility to a backdrop of beats that make you move. You are a +200 hour RYS certified yoga instructor who believes that if we commit to smiling, sweating and taking yoga a little less seriously the world will be a better place.


    High energy hybrid workout inspired by ballet, Pilates, yoga and functional training to sculpt, strengthen and lengthen.
    You are a qualified Pilates, Barre or Dance instructor who has a passion for precise movement and alignment and knows how to guide people through rhythm, creative choreography while motivating them to push pass their edge.


    BOXE is our invigorating 12-round boxing workout alternates between pure technique, progressive bag punching combos and bodyweight conditioning drills to develop coordination, agility and full-body power. You have experience as a fighter or BOXE instructor and you want to share your passion and skills with others to make them stronger and faster.



Please send the following documents to

  1. Covering Letter + your availabilities – 1 Page
  2. CV – 1 Page
  3. Your Story Short Video – 60 seconds max.


Please answer the questions below in a short video and send it along with your application:

  1. What’s your story?
  2. What do you love about fitness?
  3. Why do you want to be part of our team?
  4. What’s your favorite track to work out to at the moment? Why?
  5. What was the last adventure you went on?

p.s. Keep it short and sweet: 1 minute max. for the video and 1 page for each of CL/CV

p.p.s if your video file is large use wetransfer to send to