The following Terms of Purchase apply to all purchasers of BEAT Fitness SA products. By purchasing BEAT Fitness SA products, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these Terms of Purchase. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not purchase BEAT Fitness SA products. In consideration of your purchase of BEAT Fitness SA products, you will abide by all terms of purchase, site and privacy policy requirements. Further, you agree that to the extent you provide personal information to BEAT Fitness SA it will be true, accurate, current, and complete and that you will update all personal information.

Contract Length: 12 week minimum contract commitment. The minimum term for standard memberships is 12 weeks comprising 3 x 4 week (28 days) billing periods. If you are upgrading your existing membership your minimum term will roll over from your existing membership.

Automatic renewal: Contract will automatically renew every 4 weeks (28 days). During and after the minimum term your contract will automatically renew for the next billing period unless canceled in line with the cancellation notice.

Cancellation notice: 2 weeks notice before the next billing date. We are here to help you when life throws curve balls! So if you want to quit on your goals, we will remind you of your goals and check if we can find a plan that works for you. After your third membership payment, if you still want to quit on your goals then you must contact and give 2 weeks notice before your next billing date. The cancellation will take effect at that next billing date. Cancellations within two weeks take effect at the following period.

Initial payment: The 1st payment will be taken today. Your credits are ready. Let’s get sweating!

Billing: Thereafter payments will be taken every 4 weeks (28 days). Payment is taken monthly (4 week periods) in advance, by billing the card saved to your account. You will need to have a card on your account to enable payment to be taken. Please make sure this is up to date.

Activation: Membership contract is set to activate on First Class Booked. Your credits are available as soon as the payment is taken. If you book your first class e.g. 3 days from now then your credits will become active. You can not then book classes before the date of the First Class Booked. So book your First Class as the next class that you intend to take chronologically. Or put another way your credits can't time travel backwards!

Use it or lose it: Monthly credits must be used within the 4 week period. Membership credits must be used for classes taking place within the current billing period and cannot be rolled over to future billing periods. Additionally, no membership credits can be transferred between accounts. If you have purchased a discounted membership top-up credit, the expiry date will be as stated at the time of purchase.

Freeze: Freeze membership for up to 4 weeks up to twice per year. You are able to freeze your membership for up to 4 weeks. There is a limit of up to two freezes per rolling 12 month period. You will not be able to freeze your membership for two consecutive months. In order to freeze your membership, you must contact at least 72 hours before your next billing date. This avoids you telling us on a weekend when we may not see your email.

Top-Up Credits: Buy extra credits at the reduced per class rate. If you’re running low on credits and still want to take classes within the current billing month, you can purchase top-up credits. Simply buy normal pay-as-you-go credits and they will be discounted to your membership price per class. Top-up credits do not have Advanced Booking.

Advanced Booking: Membership includes Advanced Booking. Book your spot from Sunday at noon for the following week. For example if it’s Sunday 1st January 12:00 booking opens for classes in the week commencing Monday 8th January. Non members can only book 24 hours later from Monday 2nd January 12:00. Build your routine and secure your favorite classes.

Goal Reviews: Every 90 days set goals, smash them and set new ones. Goal Reviews are an opportunity for you to celebrate your wins and set new goals that excite you.

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