Lucile has always loved sports but her childhood and adolescence were primarily focused on dance and gymnastics. She took her first spinning class in Paris in 2010 and since then she can't get enough.

Now she is a certified Group Fitness instructor and Personal trainer (Unil) and she teaches RIDE, SCULPT and HIIT at the studio.

Lucile teaches in a mix of french and english and will make you move to the best Dance, house, and electronic remixes.

For her, Fitness is all about sharing, having fun, feeling good and being a bit crazy. But over all, it is about learning to know your body, how to control it and take care of it : "We only have one body so we have to make sure it is strong enough to last as long as possible so say bye to your Summer Body and Hello to your Everyday Body""

Her advice : Try everything at least 3 times, just to be sure. Make room for failure and you'll make room for progress.  

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