How to get the most out of your membership

At BEAT Fitness our mission is to make healthy living a habit.

Our members enjoy various advantages designed to make it easier to be consistent:


As a member you have Advanced Booking so you can book your favourite classes a week early on Sundays!

How to book your class:

  1. You can book your class and reserve your spot online on our BOOK page

  2. Our Booking Window opens each Monday at 12:00 for the following week

  3. For Members the Booking Window opens each Sunday at 12:00 for the following week (it means that on Sunday 15th you can book your classes for the week of Monday 23rd)


If you are on fire and taking more classes than expected then you can top up your membership credits at the same reduced price as your membership price per class.

Simply BUY credits as usual online and your discount will be applied at checkout. Because Top-up credits are normal credits available to members at a discounted price they do not have Advanced Booking.

If you find yourself topping up with credits every month then you’ve underestimated how committed you are! Simply book a Goal Review to move up to the next Membership level.


Ever worked out more than usual before a holiday and found it harder to restart? 

By aiming for consistency we can change fitness from being an on/off switch to a dial. The key to that is having a conversation so that we manage your plan together and keep you on track to achieve your 90 Day Goals.

Memberships at BEAT include the ability to freeze your membership for up to 4 weeks whilst you enjoy a well deserved holiday. Members can make up to two freezes per rolling 12 month period. Simply let us know your holiday dates via

Going away for longer than 4 weeks? Book a Goal Review so we can make sure you have the right plan before, during and after your holiday.


As adults it’s actually pretty rare that someone says to us: “well done!”

Our fitness is the most important aspect of our health that we can control. Yet it is also rare that we take the time to pause, think and celebrate the wins along our fitness journey.

Goal Reviews are an opportunity for you to celebrate your wins and set new goals that excite you. As a member you have the opportunity to do a free Goal Review with a coach every 90 days.

If you have not already booked your next Goal Review then you can stay accountable to yourself by booking your 90 Day Goal Review now.


Click here to learn more about how Goal Reviews help you succeed.


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