On Friday 3.11 for OSE THERAPIES

Our next Charity Night will take place on Friday 3 November from 6pm.

This year, we'll be donating all proceeds to Ose Thérapies a local association who help people with cancer.

OSE offers activities adapted to people undergoing treatment or in remission. By offering movement, Ose Thérapies helps people with cancer regain their self-confidence, fight isolation, physical and mental fatigue and many other side-effects of the disease or treatment. Ose is kind, and offers patients a caring and supportive space before, during and after treatment.

We would like to support the ones who support us, with your help and with what we do best : MOVE TO THE BEAT. 

So, bring your friends to move and celebrate the people in your life you have had cancer, are fighting cancer or are in the fight with you to end breast cancer!

Stay after the class for drinks and nibbles and start your weekend with a full heart and good vibes.

You will be able to give and receive : Buy your charity ticket and  workout for a good cause !

So, how can you help and participate ?

1 - Book your spot in a class
2 - Buy your charity credit 
3 - Come sweat 
4 - Stay for a chat and some drinks after !


Choose your CHARITY classes on Friday 3.11.2023 - You'll be asked to buy a Charity credit to access the class

FRIDAY 3.11 @ 18:00 - BARRE with Enora

FRIDAY 3.11 @ 18:10 - RIDE with Géraldine

FRIDAY 3.11 @ 18:15 -BOXE with Rodrigo

FRIDAY 3.11 @ 18:20 - DANCE PARTY with Lucile


You can buy your charity credit here and book your class later. If you want to participate but cannot come to class, you can just buy a charity credit here or by twint at the studio.


CHF 30.-
1 Class
Valid only for Charity classes
on Friday 3 November 2023


CHF 40.-
1 Class
Valid only for CHARITY classes
on Friday 3 November 2023


CHF 50.-
1 Class
Valid only for CHARITY classes
on Friday 3 November 2023
  • 1 Charity credit is valid for 1 person and 1 class - If you buy 2 CHARITY credit, you will be able to book 2 spots and bring a friend with you
  • Charity tickets are to be used for the event on Friday 3 November only
  • Tickets will not be refunded - if you can’t make it to class or if you are late, the ticket’s proceeds will be donated to the chosen association.

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