We’re excited to launch RUN CLUB! 

RUN CLUB is for you if you want to

  • Feel more energized
  • Have more motivation
  • Want to finally do something that works
  • Feel fitter
  • Spring into the spring season
  • Have some accountability
  • Make new friends
  • Get trained by top coaches
  • Make a great start to 2024

For our first training block the goal is to run at the Lausanne 20KM event - which has distances of 10/20 KM to choose from!


The Lausanne 20KM is held over two days with different events and includes option to run 10 or 20km

Save the date of Sunday 28th April for your goals of 10KM and 20KM

The 5KM and 10KM routes take you along the lakefront whilst the eponymous 20km route climbs up through Lausanne to the cathedral before plunging down the vallée de la jeunesse to the finish line in the Stade Pierre-de-Coubertin.

RUN CLUB will help you train for your chosen distance whether it is 10 or 20KM!


Our RUN CLUB is for anybody who wants to start as a beginner, occasional or experienced runner and train together as a team over 12 weeks to take part in the first RUN CLUB event on our 2024 calendar: Lausanne 20KM.

Over 12 weeks 15 RUN CLUB training sessions will help you build confidence, knowledge and fitness. Each weekly class will be held on Monday at 18:15 . We'll meet at the studio and chat our way to Parc Milan for the training.

The first rule of RUN CLUB is we run rain or shine. There’s no such thing as bad weather! With the right attitude, warm-up and team spirit we can develop the first crucial habit of running: consistency.

Join our dedicated BEAT Fitness RUN CLUB and embark on a fitness journey that will finish with a smile on your face, new friends and a medal around your neck!

To get you ready you will have a fully supported training plan: 

  • x1 RUN CLUB Kick Off Event Saturday 3.2.2024 at 10:45 (Meet at the studio)
  • x12 Weekly RUN CLUB Classes at BEAT Fitness on Monday at 18:15 (Meet at the studio)
  • x2 Monthly RUN CLUB Fitness Test Events at BEAT Fitness
  • = 15 total RUN CLUB sessions over 12 weeks
  • RUN CLUB Guide
    • Intro to Running
    • 12 Week Training plan including running plan for your chosen distance
    • Recommended classes at BEAT
    • Event guide 
  • BEAT Fitness T Shirt
  • Private STRAVA Club
  • Supportive Community

Total Value: CHF 580.-

Your Price: CHF 147.-

via a 3 Month Membership at CHF 49.- per month


CHF 49.-
Membership renews every 4 weeks
Starts 3.2.24 and expires
in 12 weeks on 27.4.23

Please note you must have a credit card saved on your account to get your RUN CLUB membership.

  • RUN CLUB is for you if you want to commit to your goal of crossing the finish line with a smile on your face in April
  • RUN CLUB is a 12 week commitment through a RUN CLUB membership that renews every 4 weeks for a total of 12 weeks until 27.4.2024
  • RUN CLUB membership starts on Saturday 3.2.2024 at 10:45 with our RUN CLUB kick off event (Meet at the studio)

Spaces are limited and are being offered on a first come first served basis to everyone who signed up for the waiting list: so grab your spot now!


In January we’re offering you the chance to discover RUN CLUB in our TRY RUN CLUB classes in Parc Milan.

The TRY RUN CLUB classes are the perfect opportunity to take the first step, ask questions and meet new friends. Consider them a warm up before RUN CLUB starts on 3.2.2024!

The classes are in Parc Milan and start on time at 18:15

  • Monday 8th January 18:15 
  • Monday 15th January 18:15 
  • Monday 22nd January 18:15 
  • Monday 29th January 18:15 

Get your TRY RUN CLUB credit now for CHF 15.-


CHF 15-
Expires in 7 Days

Please note that TRY RUN CLUB Credits are only valid for the above TRY RUN CLUB Sessions in January. The expiry date is 7 days and these credits can not be extended, refunded or used for other classes at BEAT. TRY RUN CLUB credits can not be used for the RUN CLUB sessions that start on 3.2.2024.


RUN CLUB is a 12 Week progressive training program for beginner, occasional or experienced runners starting on Saturday 3rd February 2024 for the kick off event followed with fixed day once a week training sessions on Monday at 18:15. Every month the whole club will meet on a Saturday for a fitness test where we’ll cheer each other on and celebrate our progress together.

Unlike our regular drop in classes at BEAT, in the RUN CLUB you’ll need to commit to training each week on Monday at 18:15. It’s perfect if you need structure, commitment, accountability and a feeling of belonging to help you achieve your fitness goals. We know life throws curveballs so our pricing factors in that you might not make every session and you will receive a complete 12 week training guide.

  • Saturday 3.2.2024 - RUN CLUB Kick Off Event - Meet The Team - 10:45 (Meet at the studio)
  • Monday 5.2.2024 - Monday 18:15 - Session 1 - then every week Monday 18:15 (Meet at the studio))
  • Saturday 2.3.2024 - RUN CLUB Event - 10:45 (Meet at the studio)
  • Saturday 30.3.2024 - RUN CLUB Event - 10:45 (Meet at the studio)
  • Sunday 28.4.2024 - 10KM and 20KM

Q: I can’t make some of the dates
A: Don’t worry. Whilst it’s ideal to be able to attend all the sessions it’s not essential. Our pricing factors in that you might not make every session. You will receive a full 12 week training plan worth CHF 580.- that includes

  • Opportunity to take x1 RUN CLUB class per week on your assigned day
  • Recommendations for what complimentary classes to take at BEAT 
  • Full running plan
  • Opportunity to measure your progress at the x3 fitness test events
  • Logistical support to help you enter and travel to the race with our BEAT Fitness RUN CLUB Team

Q: I can’t be in Lausanne on 27/28.4.2023
A: There are plenty of opportunities to sign up for another running event in April and even if you don’t take part in a Lausanne 20KM event you will feel fitter, healthier and happier after a dedicated 12 week training block!

Q: I’ve never done running before and have no idea if I’m fit enough.

A: Our programme is aimed at beginners who have never run before as well as occasional and experienced runners. Our weekly class is designed to be inclusive of all levels and will ensure that you learn how to train for a running event. Each week you’ll see your own progress and enjoy being part of a team. We have the knowledge to help you prepare so that you’ll feel excited and confident on the start line. 


Q: I can't decide which distance to run at the Lausanne 20KM!

A: You don’t need to decide just yet. We’d recommend coming to the TRY RUN CLUB classes in January to get moving, build some confidence and talk with the coaches.

Q: Can I take part with friends?

A: Yes! The main reason we’re launching RUN CLUB is because our members told us they want more opportunities to build connections and go on adventures together!

Q: What’s the deal on the day of the Lausanne 20KM?

A: Our RUN CLUB Early Bird offer includes a full event guide to take the logistics questions out of your hands so you can focus on the challenge! 

Q: Should I sign up for Lausanne 20KM now?

A: Lausanne 20km is a popular event and we recommended committing as soon as registration opens in January.

Q: What happens if I get injured and can’t complete the 12 week course?

A: Our plan is a 12 week progressive plan to take you from zero to smiling on the finish line. But if you do get injured and have a medical certificate exempting you from sport we can help you recover with a prorated refund.

Q: Can I take part using existing credits?

A: Our TRY RUN CLUB classes in January 2024 are accessible with your normal Pay-As-You-Go credits or Membership credits or the reduced TRY RUN CLUB Credits. To benefit from the 12 week training programme starting Saturday 3.2.2024 you need to join the RUN CLUB. 

Q: I already have a membership - Do I need to cancel it to join the RUN CLUB ?

A: No need ! You can absolutely keep your membership and complement the RUN CLUB with your regular favorite classes at BEAT! 

RUN CLUB is 1x per week and we'll give you a plan to workout up to 5 days a week. The group classes at BEAT will help you reach your goals. If you are not sure what to do, book a Goal Review so we can help you figure out the best way to do it.

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