BEAT in the Park

Summer season is on !

BEAT in the Park is back. 

We will be running outdoor classes from Sunday June 11th on top of Parc Milan.

It’s on - let’s do this!


  1. Book your class as usual and chose  "IN THE PARK" classes in the scheule
  2. Use your regular credit
  3. Meet your team direcly at the top of Parc de Milan for a nice outdoor workout!  Bring your yoga mat for BARRE or YOGA Classes


  • Q: Where do I sign in ?
  • A: Just tell your name to your instructor when you arrive on top of the Park de Milan.  
  • Q: What do I wear and what should I bring with me ?
  • A: Wear some outdoor gym clothes and shoes.  Bring a big bottle of water, some sunscreen and sunglasses !

For BARRE or YOGA Classes : Bring your yoga MAT - If you do not have a mat, bring a towel you would use at the beach :)

  • Q: What do I do with my stuff
  • A: We recommand that you leave all valuable at home and arrive ready to workout directly at parc de Milan. If the studio is open before the class start you will be able to use the lockers as usual.
  • Q: Can I take a shower after class ?
  • A: If the studio is open when the class is finished you will be able to use the shower as usual
  • Q: Can I use my regular credits for outdoor classes?
  • A: Yes, pay as you credit or membership are valid. Just book you spot on the book page as usual.
  • Q: What if the weather is bad ?
  • A: We will let you know by email the day before if the class needs to be cancelled or brought back inside


  • In case of bad weather, the class could be cancelled. You will be advised between 12 and 24 hours beforehand
  • Credits are non-refundable and non-exchageable
  • Late cancels and no shows won't be refunded
  • Series and credits cannot be shared

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