6-week Nutrition & Strength program for women only !

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We are looking for 5 busy women who want to:

  • Feel confident about their body image
  • Have more energy
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by nutrition advice
  • Have a simple plan they can commit to
  • Feel excited about gaining back some control!

FEEL GOOD NAKED is your 6 week Nutrition & Strength Programme for women only.

Launching on Monday 13th May this programme is for you if you’ve been feeling:

  • Self conscious about your body image
  • Overwhelmed by instagram nutrition advice
  • Low on energy
  • Desperate to try something new but afraid to start


FEEL GOOD NAKED is a 6 week Nutrition & Strength Programme for women who want to take back control.


Combining personal nutrition coaching, kettlebell strength training and community support, this programme is for you if you need structure, commitment, accountability and a feeling of belonging to help you achieve your fitness goals. 


  • Personal Nutrition Coaching
  • Weekly Group Kettlebell Strength Classes
  • Community Support


Noortje is a certified Personal trainer and nutrition coach and also has a degree in Food Technology and a master degree in Food Safety.
She knows it's easy to get lost in all the advice and things people tell you about food, which is why she is so motivated to help people find out how learning and improving your nutrition can be fun.


Lucile is a certified group fitness and Personal Trainer and a kettlebell specialist.
She knows how positively impactful and transformative strength training can be.
That’s why she will make you happily sweat with bodyweight and kettlebell workouts in the studio and at home to help you find your strength, your power and have fun in the process.


  • Week 1
    • Monday 13.5 @ 18:30 Kick off call (30 minutes)
    • Wednesday 15.5 @ 19:15  KB strength workout
    • 30 min personal 1:1 call to set your Nutrition Goals
  • Week 2
    • Wednesday 22.5 @ 19:15  KB Strength workout
    • Walk and talk community event
  • Week 3 
    • Wednesday 29.5 @ 19:15  KB Strength workout
    • 15 min personal 1:1 call for Nutrition check ins to keep you on track
  • Week 4
    • Wednesday 05.6 @ 19:15  KB Strength workout
    • Walk and Talk community event
  • Week 5 
    • Wednesday 12.6 @ 19:15  KB Strength workout
    • 15 min personal 1:1 call for Nutrition check ins to keep you on track
  • Week 6
    • Wednesday 19.5 @ 19:15  KB strength workout
    • 30 min personal 1:1 Nutrition call to set you up for continued success

+ 1x Nutrition Guide PDF

Total Value:    CHF 699.-

Your  LAUNCH PRICE :    CHF 499.- in 2 installments*
*1st payment of 349 will be taken on purchase. The second payment of 150.- will be taken on the 05.06.2024


Places are on a first come first served basis limited to just 8 spots for the first cohort with studio classes every Wednesday at 7:15 pm from 15.5.24 to 19.6 24 


CHF 499.-
6 week Nutrition and Strength program
Cohort : Wednesday 7:15pm
Starts 13.5.23 end 22.6.23



Q: When will the classes take places ?
A: The first cohort training day will be on Wednesdays at 19:15. 

Q: When will the nutrition meetings be ?
A: After you sign up for FEEL GOOD NAKED you will be able to book different slots for your first nutrition goal settings. Then at the end of every nutrition meeting you’ll be able to book the next one with Noortje.


Q: I don’t want to follow a diet, can I still join FEEL GOOD NAKED?
A: Yes! FEEL GOOD NAKED is not about hard-core restrictions or crash-diets. Together with our nutritionist, you will find out what works well for you to reach your goals. 

Q: I don’t need nutrition guidance or check-ins, can I still join FEEL GOOD NAKED?
A: FEEL GOOD NAKED is a full experience. The FEEL GOOD NAKED package includes a nutrition guide and follow-ups by a certified nutritionist. If you don’t think you will benefit from that, then FEEL GOOD NAKED is not for you. Book a free consultation to meet with a coach and know what’s best for you at the studio


Q: I’ve never done Kettlebell training before and I am afraid of it!
A: Our programme is for all levels. We will give you the knowledge to be comfortable and able to workout safely.


Q: What happens if I can’t complete the 6 week course?
A: Our plan is a 6 week progressive program and it will work if you commit to all sessions. But if you do get injured and have a medical certificate exempting you from sport we can help you recover with a prorated refund.


Q: Can I take part using existing credits?
A: To benefit from the 6 week training programme you need to buy the FEEL GOOD NAKED package. It won’t be possible to join with your regular credits. However we can pause them during the program if it helps.

Q: I already have a membership - Do I need to cancel it to join FEEL GOOD NAKED ?
A: No need ! You can absolutely keep your membership and complement theFEEL GOOD NAKED program ! FEEL GOOD NAKED is 1x per week and can be mixed with any other classes you like at the moment. If you currently have a membership and are not sure what to do, book a Goal Review so we can help you figure out the best way to do it.

  • FEEL GOOD NAKED credits can only be used for FEEL GOOD NAKED classes comprised in the FEEL GOOD NAKED program.
  • Nutrition checkin’s appointment and classes need to be canceled at least 12 hours before - missed classes or missed appointments won’t be refunded.
  • A credit card must be saved in your account in order to be eligible to the payment by installments
  • FEEL GOOD NAKED first payment of 349 will be taken upon purchase. The second payment of 150.- will be taken on the 05.06.2024
  • No refunds will be made unless medical evidence is provided, in which case a pro rata refund will be calculated and minus CHF 89.- of processing fees deducted from the total amount
  • You must download and use the Fitness app to fully benefit from the program

Any further questions please contact hello@beatfitness.ch


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