Challenge yourself with extra long classes

You're already familiar with our 60 minute classes.  We thought you might enjoy the extra Challenge with our LONGER class

GO LONGER classes are back for Easter !

Challenge yourself with an extra push and/or enjoy the benefits of 2 classes combined.

How does this work ?

  1. Choose the classe(s) you want to attend below & select your spot
  2. Buy the Go Longer credit (CHF 35.-) to confirm your booking
  3. Get your a$$ to class and feel powerful


All classes are bookable NOW ! Click on a class below to book a class and select your spot - you will be asked to buy the GO LONGER credit to confirm your booking.

FRIDAY 7.4 @ 10:50 - HIIT & YOGA 75' with Géraldine

FRIDAY 7.4 @ 11:00 - RIDE 75' with Lucile

SAT 8.4 @ 10:45 - RIDE & YOGA 75' with Géraldine

MONDAY 10.4 @ 17:05 - BARRE 75' with Énora


You can also get your "GO LONGER" credit here or directly at the studio if you wish to pay by debit card or TWINT.


CHF 35.-
Valid for 75 or 90min classes
Expire in 1 month


- How can I access the class  ?
To get to a class with a duration of 75 or 90 min you need a GO LONGER credit. You can buy it by clicking on the link above or at the end of your booking process to confirm your reservation.

- I am afraid it is too long and I cannot keep up ! Should I still book ?
Our coaches have designed the classes so it is challenging but also doable ! And as for every classes at BEAT you can take it at your own pace. However, if you are a beginner or new to BEAT, we advice you start with our signature 45min classes. Longer classes will happen again so you will have your chance to try !

- Can I book with my regular credit ?
To book into our 75 and 90min classes you need a GO LONGER credit as the class is actully 30 to 45 min longer than a regular class....it's worth it!


- Our 75 and 90 minute classes are only available with a GO LONGER credit of CHF 35. 
- Normal cancellation and expiry conditions apply for GO LONGER credits

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