Challenge yourself with our 4 #BEATHOME programs

Make the most of #BEATHOME and reach your goals !

With now more than 70 classes on BEATHOME On demand and 12 live classes each week, we thought it would be a good idea to help you make the most of it.

That's why we have created 4 programs to guide you through your BEATHOME journey and motivate you.

Find a mix of Live and On Demand sessions that can be adjusted to your schedule, will challenge you to move every day and help you reach your goals.

Click on the program below to see the details.

CARDIO BOOST - Sweat, Build, Repeat (21 days)
A mix of workouts to boost your mood and help build your cardio and your stamina. You will get your heart pumped, you will feel proud and satisfied after every session. For better performance, don't skip the less intense days to give your body some well deserved recovery time.
MOVE & RELEASE - Feel, Control, Flow (14 days)
This program focuses on functional and mindful movement. It includes a mix of YOGA, MOBILITY and BARRE workouts and low to moderate intensity to help you take control of your body, release the tensions and move freely
RIDE & RECOVER - Ride, Recover, Enjoy (7 days)
Find the perfect combination between high and low intensity. Boost your mood with RIDE and help your body recover with some YOGA and mobility to make sure you enjoy every session !
BARRE BURN - Challenge (10 days)
BARRE every day for 10 days ! Pulse and burn hard, reshape your body and end this challenge with an ultimate CARDIO BARRE ! 

To make sure you don't miss a session, print out your program and hang it on your fridge door, on your front door or even on your bathroom mirror!


Who can follow these programs ?
These programs are open to all levels.  This is the magic of video on demand: you can adjust everything, slow down, start again, try again!
However, if you are a beginner or if you are starting to move again after a long period of inactivity we recommend that you start with the Move & Release program and take BARRE classes regularly.

When should I start the program ?
Our programs are designed to be started on Monday but you can choose to start whenever you want. Just choose the day that suits you best in the first week and continue as indicated! 
Bonus: You can do more than one program at a time! Feel free to do "move and release" in parallel with all the other programs .

What if I don't have time for Live classes ?
No problem. You can replace a live class with any On Demand video. For best results, choose a video of the same type (HIIT/BARRE...), intensity and duration using the search filters.

What equipment do I need for the classes ?
Apart from a mat, the vast majority of our classes require little to no equipment at all. You can substitute everything you don't have with everyday objects ( water bottle as a dumbbell, belt, socks... our instructors will give you alternatives ! )* RIDE & RECOVER program requiers that you have a spinning bike @home !

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