Sun’s up early, and so are we !

Sun’s up early, and so are we !

Starting Tuesday 4.7 - 7am join the Sunrise Kettlebell Club with Lucile !

You’re curious about kettlebells ?

Or you already love them and want to implement more of them in your training?

Are you an early bird or a too busy in the evening to workout ?

Come train with us every Tuesday at 7am starting Tuesday 4.7

The Sunrise Kettlebell club will be accessible to 10 people per class with your regular credits & memberships or with ☀️Summer Passport Credits available here.


Q: What is a Kettlebell ? 
A big ball of iron with a handle - very versatile, most efficient fitness tool ever. Allows you to improve your strength, your power and your Badassery

Q: Why is this a Club ? 
Because the programming is made so there is a progression through the weeks of training so you won’t want to miss a class + you’ll make some kettlebell friends if you’re consistent.

Q: When will The Sunrise Kettlebell Club take place ?
Sunrise Kettlebell Club will last 10 weeks from July 4th to September 5th. Exception for August 1st the class will be set on Thursday 3.8 at 7am  instead of Tuesday 1.8 at 7am

Q: Can I attend just one class ?
Yes you can and you’ll still enjoy and learn from it. It’s just better to do it all !

Q: What can I expect ? 
Learn more about kettlebell technique and moves. How to hold it , how to swing it.  The workout will always have a warmup and an activation, a strength section, a power section and an endurance section so we train like athletes !

Q: Am I fit enough?
You don’t have to be fit to get fit ! Sunrise Kettlebell Club is for anyone willing to improve their fitness level, learn something new and have fun in the process. All you need is to start

Q: Will lifting weights make me bulky?
Put simply - no. Kettlebells are an amazing tool to build strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. If you wanted to increase your bulk you would need to follow a specific fitness plan including hypertrophy and nutrition.  If that’s a goal for you - great - book a Free Consultation so we can plan your journey together. 

Q: What fitness goals does kettlebell training help?
Learning to lift weights safely and progressing over a period of weeks supports all fitness goals. The kettlebell is a great tool if you want to feel stronger, change body composition and reinforce your core strength.

Q: How do I sign up ? 
Buy your Sunrise Kettlebell Club credit(s) or use your regular credits and book your classes as usual.

Q: I’m not sure I can commit to 10 weeks - what can I do ? 
Just come try a class and see if you like it! And stay tuned for our Summer Kettlebell Workshop Level 1 & 2 coming soon !

More Questions ? Let us know here

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