When Should I Arrive?

For your first class you should aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before your class. This will give our instructors time to help you set up and get you ready to workout. For regular classes you must have signed in 5 minutes before the class starts. We know that you have a busy life so our classes start and finish on time to respect your daily schedule. If you haven't signed in 5 minutes before the class your bike will be released to people on the waitlist. All BEAT Fitness classes are 45 minutes.

What Should I Wear?

We suggest you wear a t-shirt or tank top with form fitting leggings or shorts.

Do I Have To Bring My Own Cycling Shoes?

We provide you with cycling shoes. The bikes at BEAT Fitness have pedals which you clip into with cycling shoes. Clipping in creates a strong and safe connection between you and your bike, enabling you to work harder and target core muscles. If you bring your own cycling shoes we recommend Look Keo Pedals but the pedals have SPD too.

Do I Have To Bring My Own Yoga Mat?

We provide yog mats, straps and blocks. Spend less time packing workout gear, and more time working out!

Are There Lockers?

Our studio has changing rooms with lockers to store your valuables whilst you workout and our front desk is staffed during your workout so your stuff is safe and secure.

Are There Showers?

Yes we have 10 showers in the ladies changing room and 6 showers in the mens changing room. Our showers are stocked with spa products and hairdryers so you can freshen up after your class. Now you can workout before work, at lunchtime or before your big night out!

Do You Provide Towels?

Yes we provide sweat towels and shower towels, you get to pack less sports gear and do less laundry!

Should I Bring Water?

You'll be working hard so definitely drink lots of water! We have water fountains for you to fill up your bottle and we sell bottled water too.

Should I Eat Before My Class?

You'll be burning up to 700 calories in your class and your workout will be more effective if you fuel your workout. We recommended eating a healthy snack around 30 minutes to an hour before your class and refueling with a nutritious smoothie after class.

How Does It Work When I Get There?

When you arrive at the studio say hello to the team at the front desk, they will help you sign in for your class, show you around and help you set up your bike if you are taking a RIDE class. For your first class aim to arrive 15 minutes before the class starts so you have plenty of time to get ready.

Do I Need To Create An Account?

Yes. It's free, quick and easy and takes just two minutes to Create an Account online. At BEAT Fitness there are no signing on fees, membership subscriptions or contracts. You book BEAT Fitness classes on a pay-per-class basis so you use every class you have paid for.