When you join BEAT as a member we ask that you strive to be:

  • Coachable 
  • Consistent
  • Confident

But why do we have Client Values at BEAT Fitness? How do they help?

At BEAT we are on a mission to make healthy living a habit. We want to make a real impact in your life. We’re here to build a community of people like you.

To do that we need to be honest: to make lasting changes we need to work together over a consistent period of time. 

The quick fix body transformations are for instagram.

So, if we’re in it for the long haul together, it helps to know what works and what doesn’t.

We asked our coaches and our happiest clients for their thoughts on how to create and stick to healthy habits. Here’s what they want you to know as you start your fitness journey:


Being coachable requires a growth mindset, a willingness to try new things and take risks, and a commitment to self-improvement. It also involves being able to communicate effectively with your coach, asking questions, and providing feedback in a constructive manner.

Our coaches have chosen to educate themselves to be fitness professionals because they are passionate about helping people like you. And guess what? Just like you, they are human! They have self doubt, they get nervous, they hope you like their class! 

Loved the class? Tell them. Feeling nervous? Tell them. Felt you could have pushed harder? Tell them! Our coaches love to receive feedback and join you on your fitness journey.

Top tips to be more coachable:

Communicate: if you have an injury, concern or question show up to class early and introduce yourself to the coach. Our coaches can find adaptations for you, but it is easier if you ask!

Cueing: Listen to our cueing! We know that you are just trying to survive when you are doing the millionth pulse at the barre or that “surprise” extra set. But next time you feel the burn open your ears and listen to the cue, chances are the coach has a way of helping you adjust your technique to get through it.

Breathe: Just breathe. Everything gets easier when we breathe!

Trust the process: The fitness world is full of misleading stories of short term success. Our coaches design classes that will have a long term impact if you trust the process and stay the course.


Respect Yourself: Your body is amazing. Think of all the things it does every day! Taking a minute to be thankful for what your body can do can help to switch from a victim mindset into a growth mindset.

Positive self talk only: We are here to build self confidence. You don’t have to walk in the door with it. If you book your workout and walk through the door you are already winning.

Community matters: It’s scientifically proven that when you are coached in a supportive, non-judgmental environment, you are more likely to achieve more than you think you can. Our community grows through word of mouth. People like you, doing things like you, tell their friends. Together we are building a supportive community of people like you. 


The secret to feeling stronger, healthier and happier is consistency. If we’ve told you that before - no apologies. We’re going to be consistent in telling you that consistency is above everything else!

Is consistency a challenge for you? Take a deep dive now and learn why consistency is the secret to achieving your fitness goals and how you can change your self-identity.

Change your self-talk: Instead of telling yourself that you're not a "fitness person," try saying "I'm working on becoming a healthier version of myself."

Find your why: Identify your reasons for working out, whether it's to feel better, improve your health, or achieve a specific fitness goal.

Make it a priority: Schedule your workouts like you would any other important appointment.

Celebrate small wins: Acknowledge and celebrate your progress, even if it's just completing a workout that you didn't feel like doing.

Surround yourself with positivity: Surround yourself with people who support your fitness goals and engage in positive self-talk to stay motivated.

Nailed the challenge of consistency? Get in touch and tell us how! We’d love to keep learning with you.


We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and we’re excited to be on the fitness journey with you. At BEAT Fitness we have created a community of people like you that want to make positive changes in their lives.

If these client values resonate with you then they’ll likely resonate with someone you know too. Do you have a friend that needs help? Let us know and together we can get them moving in the right direction.

Not a member yet? The first step to joining a fitness community committed to your success is to book a Free Consultation with a coach.


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